Art brings a new perspective on how we see the world. Since I was young-present day art has always intrigued me how artists show how they see the world. It would always make me think in awe wondering how they could turn something people see everyday to something new and eye catching. I have wanted to be an artist for as long as I can possibly remember. The artists I get inspired from are Salvador Dali, Frank Stella, Vincent Van Gogh. I follow their philosophies and quotes as Inspiration and it helps drive me towards my goals. I do follow one quote to heart though, “Art is never finished, only abandoned” from Leonardo Da Vinci. An artist can work on a piece for days on end and never truly feel the piece is finished but they force themselves to stop in fear of messing up. As an artist, my goal is to create something that will get people to stop and stare and feel the way I feel when I was creating it. I love art because it shows things from a different point of view or it shows another world. It’s intoxicating how art makes me feel, it’s like a rush. Your imagination runs wild and in the blink of an eye you made something wonderful



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